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Author: olivier gillix
Presented by: FlashPortal.com

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12 fighters


Game Rules

Improve your Martial Arts knowledge and your performances in order to be able to confront any fighter. Each time you win a fight you gain experience points. Then you should choose which abilities you wish to upgrade between these: Stamina, Strength, Ki, Damage Resistance, Guarding and Money.


Game Modes

In single player mode you can choose between Martial Arts School, Bets Fighting or Bounty Fighting.

Martial Arts School Mode -
Your martial level Measures your martial skills (1 to 12)

Learning Mode:
In this mode your master teaches you how to do attacks and special attacks.

Training Mode:
Your master confronts you with the skills that match your martial level. If you win, your martial level will increase.

Bets Fighting Mode -

In this mode, you can fight other fighters and win money by paying fees. Each time you start a bets fight, you lose $5,000 dollars. If you win, you earn $10,000 dollars.

Bounty Fighting -

You have been chosen to chase 12 clones. The more you beat them, the harder they are to defeat.


Stats System

This is your breathing ability, the more you make moves, the more you lose breath...

The stronger you are the more damage you deliver to your enamy. You will jump higher as well...

The longer your ki bar is the more spectacular your special attacks are...

Allows you to block enamy attacks...

Damage Resistence:
It's your ability to with stand hits, the longer your resistence bar is the longer you will stay on your feet...



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